11” x 7” Fireproof Bag for Cash, Passports, Document, Jewelry, Photos, Money, Valuables – No Itchy Fiberglass , Fire Resistant Storage/Bags, Waterproof Safe Pouch

11” x 7” Fireproof Bag for Cash, Passports, Document, Jewelry, Photos, Money, Valuables – No Itchy Fiberglass , Fire Resistant Storage/Bags, Waterproof Safe Pouch
  • PRACTICAL: Don’t leave anything to chance. You never know when fire blazes your place or car. Keep your valuables safe and secure. Deposit your cash, jewelry, important documents, passports, deeds, birth certificates, and other stuff inside the fireproof document bag. Our 11″x7″ pouch is convenient to carry. You just have to lift one bag and you’re ready to leave.
  • RELIABLE QUALITY MATERIAL: Our fireproof bag is especially designed with hidden fiberglass fabric. With this layering, the pouch can withstand over 1,000oF temperature without exposing prickly splinters. The bag’s interior is made of non-irritating flannel, while the exterior part is equipped with gentle heat-reflecting aluminum foil. So, you don’t have to worry about developing skin irritation when retrieving your stuff.
  • ADDED VALUE: We now use the fireproof button to replace of Velcro as a newest version, it will be perfect for this fireproof pouch. Plus, the pouch provides a certain level of water protection. Its exterior foil layer prevents sprinkler water from seeping through the fireproof bag. It is not completely waterproof, though. Just keep the bag from getting submerged in the water.
  • NO ALLERGIC REACTION: We assure you that our 11″ x 7″ handy fireproof safe does not make your fingers itch from the prickly fiberglass. You will never touch the fiberglass! And you don’t need gloves to handle it either. Our pouch has a specially designed flannel interior and gentle heat-reflecting aluminum foil exterior. So, you are safe with it.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: What we have enumerated here are true. We deliver what we promise. The fireproof guarantee in each of our product is laboratory-tested. Our document bag can withstand high temperatures similar to that of car fires. And rest assured that for every pouch you buy, you get more than what you pay for. It’s an investment you can’t afford to lose.

Why should you buy a fireproof bag?

 Wise Option

Investing on a fireproof document bag should be one of your top priorities. For you can never tell when accidents, like fire, may happen. It’s better to preempt than to be sorry later on. After all, the cost of one money bag is way too low compared to the value of your jewelry, cash, deeds, certificates, and other important documents that you put inside it.

 Guaranteed safe

The 11” x 7” portable fireproof pouch is especially designed to secure your original documents and other valuables in emergency situations, like house or car fire. Laboratory tests have proven that the hidden fiberglass fabric make the pouch resistant to more than 1,000 degree temperature. This means your valuables will remain intact until your have safely retrieved them.

 Laboratory-tested material

Many customers have been wondering whether those fireproof bags are truly resistant to high heat. This is what we can assure you: the materials used in our 11” x 7” document bags are laboratory-tested to withstand high temperatures

 Value for your money

The unique layering of materials both in the exterior and interior parts of the money safe makes us different from the other fireproof pouches. We make sure that not only your valuables are safe and secured. We also see to it that you would not get allergic reactions when retrieving your things inside the pouch.

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