“FIRE PROOF POUCH” Big Size 18″x 13″x 4″ Fire Resistant material,Fits in a Safe,Protects your vital documents up to 1200 degrees.

  • Big Size 18″x 13″x 4″
  • Documents Withstands Up 1200 Degrees
  • For CASH, Passports, Birth Certificates, Documents
FIRE PROOF POUCH Name Brand “Fire Resistant Document Pouch” 18″x 13″x 4″ Protect the valuables you can’t afford to lose if there is a fire. This pouch will hold CASH, documents, titles, passports, photos and more. Fire Proof Pouch is a high-tech pouch made of a space-age, fire and water resistant fiber material with Zipper for easy open and close. Protects your vital documents up to 1200°F (Fahrenheit) This 12″ x 10″ x 4″ pouch allows you to protect CASH, passports, birth certificates, photos, and more. Directions: Simply put the documents in the pouch and Zip the pouch closed. Place on the lowest level of your house (best place is in your cellar, but not in a wet place). Protect Your Property — CASH, Passports, Birth Certificates, Documents, Photos, and much, much more! Protects up to 1200°F FIRE PROOF POUCH Fire Resistant Cash Pouch Size: 12″x 10″x 4″

List Price: $ 62.95 Discounted Price: $ 65.95

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