Fire Resistant Document Bag 15” by 11” Heavy Duty Fiberglass – Retardant Thread – Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch Money / Bank File / Passport / Legal Documents – Retardant Envelope Heat Protection

Fire Resistant Document Bag 15'' by 11'' Heavy Duty Fiberglass - Retardant Thread - Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch Money / Bank File / Passport / Legal Documents - Retardant Envelope Heat Protection
  • ✔ SUPERIOR FIRE PROTECTION: We’ve used the highest quality fiberglass to create a document storage pouch that can withstand the highest of temperatures. The fire resistant document bag also lies flat, allowing you to easily conceal it in your home.
  • ✔ HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: Unlike most legal document holder variants that only have fireproof material on one side, our document storage bag features fireproof material on the inside as well as the outside, offering far much greater protection
  • ✔ PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES: Perfectly sized at 15” by 11”, this fireproof bag acts as the perfect legal document safe, fireproof money bag, photo album storage, and important document storage for your property deeds, passport, birth certificate and more.
  • ✔ PREVENT FIRE BREAK OUT: This fire resistant pouch is also great for storing lithium batteries, which significantly reduces the risk of a fire break out in case of incorrect charging or improper functioning of the battery packs.
  • ✔ SAFE TO USE: Our fiberglass bag is made from safe high quality products, giving you the confidence to handle it with total peace of mind. Keep your valuables nice and safe with the heaviest duty fireproof bag around. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Superior Protection

Looking for the perfect solution for safely storing all those documents and valuables you
can’t afford to lose? Then this fire resistant document bag is just what you need! We’ve
designed it using high-grade fiberglass that can withstand heat up to un-rivaled high temperatures.
And unlike other fire retardant pouches that only feature fireproof material on one side, ours
has it on both the inside and outside of the pouch. So you’ll enjoy heavy duty fire protection
to give you far much greater peace of mind.

Versatile Functionality

We’ve designed this fireproof bag to give it versatility that you’ll absolutely love. Perfectly sized,
you can use the fireproof envelope for storing cash, holding all your legal documents, safely
storing photos, or even holding lithium batteries to prevent any fire accidents. And we’ve not
only designed the fire resistant pouch to protect your valuables, but to also safeguard your
health as well. Our fiberglass bag is safely made from high quality materials, ensuring that your health is never
at risk when handling it.

Here’s what sets this fireproof storage bag apart:

– Fireproof material on both sides ensures greater protection.

– Can easily withstand high temperatures.

– Perfectly sized to hold all kinds of legal documents.

– Prevents fire breakout when charging or storing lithium packs.

– Easy to use by simply folding over the flap.

Protect all those valuables you can’t afford to lose with a fireproof storage bag that is as heavy
duty as they come. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!
List Price: $ 24.95
Super Sale: $ 19.95

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