Gizmo Supply Large Digital Fireproof Safe with Keypad

Gizmo Supply Large Digital Fireproof Safe with Keypad
  • Digital Pin or Override Key – The safe can be opened via PIN number or a physical key
  • Hidden Keyhole Cover – The cover discretely hides the keyhole which prevents picking, tampering, and drilling for added security
  • Heavy Duty Construction 2mm thick solid steel body with 4mm solid steel door Fireproof tamperproof weather proof
  • Automatic Security Time Out – Safe automatically locks out after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • Pre-drilled Mounting Holes – Pre-drill mounting holes makes securely mounting the safe in your home easy.
This digital electronic safe is a great way of storing your valuable items, works better then a home security system. Electronic lock can be programmed by the user with physical back up keys for added protection. Pre-drilled holes make this safe perfect for the floor, closet, wall or cabinet. The safe automatically locks itself after 3 incorrect combination attempts. This safe is perfect for storing money, jewelry, guns and important documents.
List Price: $ 194.56

Limited Time Offer: $ 194.56