LockState LS-30D Digital Fireproof Safe

LockState LS-30D Digital Fireproof Safe
  • Electronic code lock (3-6 digit code)
  • Fire proof: 1 hour at 1800-Degree Fahrenheit
  • External dimensions 11.81-Inch high by 16.54-Inch wide by 14.17-Inch deep
  • Internal dimensions 7.09-Inch high by 11.81-Inch wide by 8.86-Inch deep
  • UL rated
Protect your valuables and documents from fire & burglary. Fire resistant for 1 hour. Both moving and stationary locking bolts. Lock Type: Electronic thumb throw with handle latch. Power Supply: 4 AA batteries inserted on inside of safe. Override Key: Two override keys included. Warranty: 1 year. Tamper Proofing: 5 minute hold after 4 incorrect tries.
List Price: $ 169.51
Limited Time Offer: $ 407.14