Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe (WES2113-DF)

Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe (WES2113-DF)
  • Burglary Resistant wall safe with digital electronic locking system.
  • Excellent burglary protection with a heavy duty 3/16″ solid steel door and flange.
  • Designed to be installed between 16″ o/c wall studs.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13-5/8″W x 20-3/4″H x 8″D
  • 30 Minutes fire protection.
This wall safe is an excellent choice for home or office use. Quick and convenient access, easy programing and can be installed at any height on interior wall. It’s very easy to install between 2 wall studs. It comes with a Fire-Liner velvet interior for a great plush look and feel. The Fire-Liner will give a 30 minute fire protection for paper stores inside the safe. The 2 shelves are removable for convenience. The keypad is flush with the safe’s flange, therefore able you to hang a picture over the safe to conceal it from view. The keypad has a hidden lock to open the safe with a mechanical override key (2 included) . This key is used only when batteries are dead or keypad is damaged. Since this safe is 8″ deep we recommend hiring a contractor or a handyman for the installation. Made for deep walls 8″ or more. The door of this wall safe is made of 3/16″ thick solid steel plate to prevent from forcibly prying open the door.
List Price: $ 625.00
Offer Price: $ 360.47

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