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DRAKS 15"x11" Premium Fire Resistant Document Bag- Water Resistant Heavy Duty Fiberglass Fireproof Envelope- Money Pouch- Save Documents, Passport, Valuables From Fire- Home Office Safety Equipment


Manufacturer Description

DRAKS 15"x11" Fire Resistant Document Bag- Water Resistant Heavy Duty Fiberglass Fireproof Safe Envelope- Money Pouch- Safeguard Documents, Passports, Valuables From Fire- Home Office Safety Equipment

Looking for a modern way to safeguard legal documents, passports, credit cards or hard gained USB data in case of fire?

How far would you go to save your precious wedding photos or those invaluable shots of little angels taking their first steps or their cautious dive in the swimming pool?

Keep Your Most Valuable Belongings Safe From Fire With The Best Fireproof Envelope On Amazon!

Why risk losing in just a few minutes invaluable data. How could you replace the happy memories of a lifetime depicted in unique emotional value pictures lost in the flames in a breeze?

Made with safety of your most precious documents, as well as jewelry, cash, USB or tablet as top priority, DRAKS fireproof pouch is coming to provide extra safety to your belongings, helping you to sleep in peace of mind that what matters most is safe and sound!

Best UPGRADED Fireproof Envelope

Always striving to improve our fireproof document holder, we have equipped it with reinforced fire-resistant material with durable FIBERGLASS MATERIAL making it a sturdy fortress INSIDE and OUTSIDE for your documents, cards or just that vintage necklace or these hand-carved cufflinks, priceless family heirlooms you would rather die than lose!

Eye-catching, water-proof and conveniently sized to fit easily in a SAFE or DEPOSIT BOX, DRAKS fireproof document, jewelry or cash pouch is taking your valuable items safety at home or in the office to a whole new level!

Purchase Your Very Own DRAKS Fire Resistant Bag & Save From Fire What Matters Most!

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***CAUTION: Product does contain fiberglass, the use of gloves may be preferred when handling the product.***

Product Features

SAFEGUARD YOUR VALUABLES AGAINST FIRE: Protect your important documents, passports, credit cards, licences, legal documents, hospital records or even jewelry and cash against fire with DRAKS high-end fire resistant document bag! An excellent manufacture fire resistant pouch for all your essential papers, as well as data stored in USBs, laptops or tablets, it makes a MUST-HAVE piece of fire safety equipment for any home or workplace! EXTRA PROTECTION FOR WHAT YOU NEED MOST: Conveniently sized to fit a small safe or deposit box and conveniently foldable, this 15"x11" high quality fireproof envelope will hold legal sized documents and will make an excellent fireproof safe pouch, reliably protecting your cash as a fireproof money holder and providing trustworthy fireproof document storage in to offer you peace of mind that your precious belongings will be perfectly safe in case of emergency! THE BEST UPGRADED FIREPROOF POUCH ON THE MARKET! We have UPGRADED our fireproof container to enhance its fire-protecting qualities, making it the MOST EFFICIENT on the market! Unlike similar products featuring fireproof material just on the inside or the outside of their bag, with DRAKS Heavy Duty Fiberglass Fireproof Document Bag, we are providing FULL INSIDE/ OUTSIDE fire-resistant protection up to 1100 F, making it the #1 full fire safety tool, a godsend for every household or business! RELIABLE PROTECTION AGAINST THE ELEMENTS: With sturdy woven fiberglass interior to safely host your valuables and a premium water resistant outer surface to provide protection from rain or an accidental water glass drop, DRAKS fire resistant bag is tightly sealed with Velcro, making a stylish fireproof pouch with the attractive brand logo printed on it, a classy fire safety accessory for Ultimate Fire Protection Storage! Great Home and Office safety equipment! NO QUESTIONS 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: At DRAKS we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our fire safety product and we are backing it with the friendliest customer service and full refund policy. We are certain you will love the peace of mind it offers, but in case you are not positively thrilled with it, we will return your money in full. To us, YOUR satisfaction is REQUIRED! Thank You, for your consideration..